We invite and encourage you to publish your contribution as an article (full article, short communication, report) in e-plastory, the electronic Journal of Plastics History. You may submit your article in November/December directly via e-mail to Günter Lattermann or via the submitting routine (will be available soon fully in English, cf. also the template article).

e-plastory is an interdisciplinary forum for high level publications related to plastics history of all aspects. For this purpose, we have chosen a public domain, free of charge, electronic way of publication in loose frequency. e-plastory will have a new web address, independent of the dgkg home page. This enables a quick publication in due time.

Communications in English and German about the following topics are welcome:

  • Plastics history (forerunner materials, polymer science, plastics, processing and engineering, applications, companies)
  • Plastics heritage (art, design, technical and everyday’s objects, architecture)
  • Conservation of plastics heritage (artifacts, technical heritage, material characterisation)
  • Conservation with polymers (adhesives, coatings etc.)
  • Collecting plastics heritage.

Continuance of publications in e-plastory is guaranteed through the long-time archiving and registration at the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (German National Library) URL: under the licensed No. ISSN 2190-9598.

e-plastory is a strictly peer-reviewed journal. The submitted articles will be evaluated by referees with expertise in the different areas.

You may choose between

  • Short Communications: Up to ca. 4 pages incl. pictures and literature
  • Articles: Up to ca. 15 pages incl. „
  • Reviews: Up to ca. 25 pages incl. „

The submission’s deadline is 31 January 2017.
The articles should be on display end of April 2017.

Every article will be announced as modified, extended, revised etc. version of the talk „….“ at ‚Plastics Heritage 2016‘.
We try intensively to help in an editorial assistance. This depends of course on the quality of the submitted article, which should have e.g. literature citations etc. The final check up in English should be made on the part of the author, we don’t have native speakers, which ideally should do that.

Information for authors:



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